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We would like to inform you that in 2012 holiday season you can use our free WiFi hotspot located in the lobby of our main building. WiFi signal coverage includes lobby, cafe bar and both terraces.

In the season 2014 in the main hall of the center will present an exhibition of photographs of the marine landscape "Expedition to the other side", whose author is ... and it will be a surprise for you.

Welcome to ZASTAL Resort in Dziwnów, the place where you can spend your holiday!

During long winter nights many of us let our imagination run wild while dreaming about perfect holiday. But there are always the questions: “Where to go? What to choose? Which place will meet our expectations?”

It seems obvious that each and every one of us has their own vision of the ideal, almost immaculate vacation spent in some warm sunny place among friendly people who just like us, after many trials and disappointments, have finally found this extraordinary location. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, and our extensive and invaluable experience we have created such a place! It is true that we cannot pride ourselves on palm trees in the backyard or stars that could help us overshadow the competition. However, instead we can kindly offer you excellent conditions for relaxation and recreation. And all of this strongly support by our own vision of the perfect holiday and first-hand experience. But you don’t have to take it on trust. Come and visit us and check for yourself! The ZASTAL Resort in Dziwnów will be your choice.